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Service Standards

Policy Quoting Response Completion Notes
Website Availability 24/7   Routine Maintenance takes place normally after 10 PM (CST) on Saturday. Not all carriers provide quotes 24/7
Automated Quote 1-10 Minutes 1-10 Minutes  
Manual Quotes 1-3 Hours 1 Business Day Requires manual work by Underwriter
Manual E&S Quotes Same Day 7-10 Days Upon request, we will source E&S markets for your non-standard risk.
Phone & Email Response Completion Notes
Phone Calls w/in 30 Seconds   85% of the time
Voice Mails Answered 1-3 Hours Same Day If received before 4 PM (CST), or next day by 10 AM
Email Responses 1-3 Hours Same Day If received before 4 PM (CST), or next day by 10 AM
Policy Servicing Processed Documents Returned Notes
Change Request 1-3 Minutes 7-10 Days Processed by carrier service center
Cancellation Request 1-3 Minutes 7-10 Days Policy cancelled by carrier with cancellation date requested on LPR (Loss Policy Release)
Loss Runs 1-3 Minutes Same Day Pulled from carrier site
ID Cards 1-3 Minutes Same Day  
Certificates of Insurance 1-3 Minutes Same Day Same day unless special wording requires carrier approval


You’re never alone when trying to provide the proper coverage for your clients. QUOTE+ underwriters are here to answer your questions and make the sales process as smooth as possible. Our underwriters are motivated to help you write more business and QUOTE+ has the experience to help you through the process.
The underwriters at QUOTE+ understand policy forms, coverage and the appetites of national carriers. Each underwriter is well trained and seasoned in underwriting new business and the risks associated with a particular rate class. The QUOTE+ underwriting team appreciates your partnership and is eager to help you write more business. Underwriters are available by phone and e-mail to answer your questions or concerns.


QUOTE+ is fully staffed with insurance CSRs to make your requested policy changes. All service requests are submitted to QUOTE+ staff via an Online Service Request form. Our standard of service is to process all requests the same business day.

Who Owns the Business?

Your agency retains 100% ownership of the book of business.
Agents are free to roll books of business to QUOTE+ Program at any time by simply submitting Agent of Record changes. If your agency no longer has an active QUOTE+ membership, you'll continue to receive commission payments on your agency’s renewals, provided that your agency maintains the proper licenses and E&O coverage.

Agent of Record

All policies sold through QUOTE+ Program will show InsureZone.com of Texas, Inc. as the Agent of Record. InsureZone is the entity licensed around the U.S.
Under the Best of Both Worlds program, your agency is the Agent of Record for any business written under your agency’s contract.
Each policy quoted or written under your own agency contract will have your agency’s name on the proposal and the policy.
Your agency retains 100% ownership of the book of business, and this is clearly spelled out in your Producer Agreement.

Binding Authority

InsureZone retains sole binding authority when using InsureZone's carrier contracts.
Under the Best of Both Worlds program, your agency retains any binding authority granted under your agency’s contract.