Commercial Lines Carrier Appetite - Employers
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Carrier Code Carrier Class BOP GLI CPP PROF Work
334119_0 ATM's (automatic teller machines) manufacturing Yes
044121_0 ATV Sales Yes
334519_0 Abrasion testing machines manufacturing Yes
032791_0 Abrasives or Abrasive Products Mfg Yes
334513_0 Absorption analyzers, industrial process type (e.g., infrared), manufacturi... Yes
056141_15 Abstracting and Indexing Service - Home Based Business Yes
611691_0 Academic tutoring services Yes
334519_1 Accelerometers (except aerospEmployers type) manufacturing Yes
524114_0 Accident and Health Insurance Yes
541219_0 Accountants (ex CPAs) office or private practice or accounting services Yes
081392_0 Accountants' associations Yes
061169_0 Accounting Schools Yes
042142_0 Accounting machines wholesaler Yes
541211_0 Accounts auditors' office or private practice, auditing accountant ser... Yes
334513_1 Acidity (i.e., pH) instruments, industrial process type, manufacturing Yes
334516_5 Acidity (i.e., pH) measuring equipment, laboratory analysis-type, manufactu... Yes
311511_0 Acidophilus milk manufacturing Yes
054133_0 Acoustical engineering consulting or acoustical system engineering design s... Yes
023542_0 Acoustical paneling construction contractor Yes
332323_0 Acoustical suspension systems, metal, manufacturing Yes
334519_2 Actinometers, meteorological, manufacturing Yes
052429_1 Actuarial Services Yes
062134_27 Acupuncture office, clinic or center Yes
621111_40 Acupuncturist (DO) office, clinic or center (ex mental health) Yes
621111_35 Acupuncturist (MD) office, clinic or center (ex mental health) Yes
333313_0 Adding machines manufacturing Yes
032311_0 Address lists, Business, Telephone or other directories lithographic Yes
042142_1 Addressing machines wholesaler Yes
032552_0 Adhesive Mfg Yes
056144_0 Adjustment and Collection Services Yes
092311_0 Administration of Educational Programs Yes
092611_0 Administration of General Economic Programs Yes
092511_0 Administration of Housing Programs Yes
092312_0 Administration of Public Health Programs Yes
092313_0 Administration of Social, Human Resource and Income Maintenance Programs Yes
092512_0 Administration of Urban Planning and Community and Rural Development Yes
092314_0 Administration of Veterans Affairs, Except Health and Insurance Yes
541611_0 Administrative management consulting services Yes
056111_0 Administrative management services Yes
062419_0 Adoption Agencies Yes
062412_0 Adult Day Care Yes
611691_1 Adult literacy instruction Yes
054181_0 Advertising agencies or consulting services Yes
054181_1 Advertising directory or guide Yes
054186_0 Advertising material preparation services for mailing or other direct distr... Yes
032311_1 Advertising materials (e.g., coupons, flyers) lithographic Yes
054185_0 Advertising services, indoor or outdoor display Yes
054189_0 Advertising specialty (e.g., keychain, magnet, pen) distribution services Yes
333315_0 Aerial cameras manufacturing Yes
332431_0 Aerosol cans manufacturing Yes
071141_0 Agents or Managers for Artists Yes
071141_1 Agents or Managers for Authors Yes
071141_2 Agents or Managers for Celebrities Yes
071141_3 Agents or Managers for Entertainers Yes
071141_5 Agents or Managers for Public figures Yes
071141_6 Agents or Managers for Sports figures Yes
551112_0 Agreement corporation (except international trade financing) Yes
032311_2 Agricultural magazines and periodicals lithographic Yes
332212_0 Agricultural or gardening handtools (e.g. pitch forks, hoes, rakes, etc) no... Yes
023511_25 Air Conditioning Cleaning & Repair with Office only Yes
333415_0 Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturing - Household Yes
333415_3 Air Conditioning Equipment Mfg Yes
023511_21 Air Conditioning equipment distributors including installation Yes
049211_1 Air Courier Services Yes
056172_8 Air Duct Cleaner Yes
042144_20 Air Pollution Control Equipment and Supplies Wholesale Yes
481219_0 Air Transportation, Nonscheduled Yes
048111_0 Air Transportation, Scheduled Yes
333912_0 Air and Gas Compressors Yes
092411_0 Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Management Yes
044419_13 Air conditioning and heating supply store Yes
332322_14 Air cowls, sheet metal, manufacturing Yes
023511_0 Air system balancing and testing contractor Yes
611519_3 Air traffic control schools Yes
811412_0 Air-conditioner, window, repair and maintenance Yes
042162_0 Air-conditioners, room wholesaler Yes
042173_0 Air-conditioning equipment (ex room units) wholesaler Yes
023511_2 Air-conditioning installation contractor Yes
033422_23 Airborne radio communications equipment manufacturing Yes
336411_0 Aircraft Yes
336412_0 Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts Yes
336413_0 Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
334519_3 Aircraft engine instruments (e.g. pressure & vacuum or thrust power ind... Yes
334519_4 Aircraft fuel instruments (e.g. densitometers, fuel mixture indicators or t... Yes
561599_4 Airline reservation or ticket services Yes
048532_0 Airport limousine or shuttle services Yes
048811_0 Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal Services Yes
042169_45 Alarm Signal Systems Wholesale Yes
023531_16 Alarm System Install w/Office only Yes
023531_17 Alarm System Installation Contractor Yes
334518_0 Alarm clocks manufacturing Yes
033429_0 Alarm systems and equipment manufacturing Yes
325199_0 Alcohol Mfg. - not beverage Yes
049221_0 Alcoholic beverage delivery service Yes
042281_0 Alcoholic beverages (ex distilled spirits, wine) wholesaler Yes
042282_0 Alcoholic beverages, wine and distilled spirits wholesaler Yes
062142_0 Alcoholism treatment centers and clinics (ex hospitals), outpatient Yes
042281_1 Ale wholesaler Yes
334519_5 Alidades, surveying, manufacturing Yes
325181_0 Alkalies and Chlorine Yes
007139_2 All Other Miscellaneous Amusement Services Yes
621111_0 Allergist office, clinic or center (ex mental health) Yes
051113_0 Almanac publishers (ex exclusive Internet publishing) Yes
051113_1 Almanac publishers and printing combined Yes
081149_2 Alterations - Clothing Yes
334515_0 Alternator and generator testers manufacturing Yes
333514_15 Aluminum Die Castings Yes
331316_0 Aluminum Extruded Products Yes
331524_0 Aluminum Foundries Yes
331319_0 Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
331315_0 Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil Yes
004219_0 Aluminum Ware Wholesale Yes
332431_1 Aluminum cans manufacturing Yes
081341_25 Alumni associations or clubs Yes
062191_0 Ambulance Service Yes
334516_6 Amino acid analyzers, laboratory-type, manufacturing Yes
485999_4 Amish taxi's Yes
332993_0 Ammunition, Except for Small Arms Yes
334515_1 Ampere-hour meters manufacturing Yes
033431_0 Amplifiers (e.g., auto, home, musical instrument, public address) manufactu... Yes
033422_24 Amplifiers, (e.g., RF power and IF), broadcast and studio equipment, manufa... Yes
335999_0 Amplifiers, magnetic, pulse, and maser, manufacturing Yes
071312_4 Amusement Devices, Coin Operated - Sales & Service Yes
071311_0 Amusement Parks Yes
339999_0 Amusement machines, coin-operated, manufacturing Yes
334111_0 Analog computers manufacturing Yes
621511_11 Analytical Chemists Yes
042149_0 Analytical instruments (e.g., chromatographic, photometers, spectrographs) ... Yes
334515_2 Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics manufacturing Yes
334513_2 Analyzers, industrial process control type, manufacturing Yes
339999_69 Andirons Mfg Yes
621111_1 Anesthesiologist office, clinic or center (ex mental health) Yes
339999_70 Angle Irons Mfg Yes
311512_0 Anhydrous butterfat manufacturing Yes
011251_0 Animal Aquaculture Yes
081291_6 Animal Cemetery Yes
053119_0 Animal Cemetery - Lessors Risk Yes
053112_12 Animal Hospital - Lessors Risk Yes
081291_10 Animal Shelter Yes
311613_1 Animal and Marine Fats and Oils Yes
081391_0 Animal breeders' associations Yes
081291_0 Animal or pet grooming services Yes
081291_7 Animal or pet grooming services - Mobile Yes
054194_0 Animal or pet hospitals Yes
332991_0 Annular ball bearings manufacturing Yes
334513_3 Annunciators, relay and solid-state types, industrial display, manufacturin... Yes
333298_0 Anodizing equipment manufacturing Yes
042162_1 Answering machines, telephone wholesaler Yes
023599_4 Antenna installation construction contractors Yes
042169_4 Antennas wholesaling Yes
033422_25 Antennas, transmitting and receiving, manufacturing Yes
212113_0 Anthracite Mining Yes
042292_0 Antique books wholesaler Yes
045331_0 Antique shops Yes
332913_0 Antiscald bath and shower valves manufacturing Yes
053111_16 Apartment Building with Retail Yes
053111_15 Apartment Complex Yes
053111_0 Apartment building rental or leasing Yes
053111_1 Apartment hotel rental or leasing Yes
053111_2 Apartment rental or leasing Yes
314999_7 Apparel belts Yes
056191_0 Apparel folding and packaging services Yes
044812_0 Apparel or clothing stores, women's and girls' Yes
081232_19 Apparel or garment pressing services Yes
045331_1 Apparel stores, used clothing Yes
042231_0 Apparel trimmings wholesaler Yes
044311_1 Appliance Parts and Accessories Stores Yes
033999_8 Appliance Parts, Porcelain Enameled Mfg Yes
023531_12 Appliance Wiring with Office Only Yes
081141_0 Appliance and Accessories Repair (Commercial) Contractor Yes
335999_1 Appliance cords made from purchased insulated wire Yes
443111_0 Appliance stores, household-type Yes
045331_2 Appliance stores, household-type, used Yes
334518_1 Appliance timers manufacturing Yes
044311_0 Appliance, Television and Other Electronics Stores Yes
811412_2 Appliance, household-type, repair and maintenance (w/o retailing new) Yes
333319_0 Appliances & Accessories Manufacturing - Commercial - Gas Yes
033331_0 Appliances & Accessories Manufacturing - Commercial - Not Gas Yes
033522_0 Appliances & Accessories Manufacturing - Household - Gas Yes
033522_1 Appliances & Accessories Manufacturing - Household - Not Gas Yes
042172_0 Appliances, gas (ex dryers, freezers, refrigerators) wholesaler Yes
042162_2 Appliances, household-type (ex gas ranges, gas water heater) wholesaler Yes
051121_8 Application Service Providers General Business Applications Yes
051121_0 Applications software, computer, packaged Yes
524298_0 Appraisal Services - Farm Equipment Yes
524291_1 Appraisers - Auto Yes
524291_2 Appraisers - Personal Property Yes
812331_1 Apron supply services Yes
339999_74 Aquarium Accessories, Metal Mfg Yes
045391_5 Aquariums and aquarium supplies Yes
054199_2 Arbitration and conciliation services (except by attorney, paralegal) Yes
056173_14 Arborist services Yes
335129_0 Arc lighting fixtures (except electrotherapeutic), electric, manufacturing Yes
071312_3 Arcades Yes
054172_0 Archeological research and development services Yes
045111_17 Archery equipment and supply stores (including apparel) Yes
042191_0 Archery equipment wholesaler Yes
042149_1 Architect's equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
054131_0 Architects' (ex landscape) office or private practice, architectural c... Yes
081392_1 Architects' associations Yes
332323_1 Architectural metalwork manufacturing Yes
042139_0 Architectural metalwork wholesaler Yes
023561_0 Architectural sheet metal construction contractors Yes
051412_0 Archives Yes
335129_1 Area and sports luminaries (e.g., stadium lighting fixtures), electric, man... Yes
081131_2 Armature rewinding services (ex on an assembly line or factory basis) Yes
561613_0 Armored Car Services Yes
045211_2 Army and Navy stores Yes
062139_2 Aromatherapist Yes
048851_0 Arrangement of Transportation of Freight and Cargo Yes
453998_19 Art & Drafting Supplies - Retail Yes
007115_0 Art Conservators Yes
081341_24 Art Councils Yes
071151_7 Art Studio Including Art Lessons Yes
071151_8 Art Studio Including Art Lessons Yes
061161_5 Art Studios Including Art Lessons Yes
045392_0 Art dealers Yes
071211_0 Art galleries (no retailing) Yes
045392_1 Art galleries retailing art Yes
042299_5 Art goods wholesaler Yes
071211_1 Art museums Yes
032311_3 Art prints or posters lithographic Yes
061161_0 Art schools (except academic), fine Yes
611519_4 Art schools, commercial or graphic Yes
453998_4 Art supply stores Yes
062134_0 Art therapist office, clinic or center Yes
311421_0 Artichokes, canned, manufacturing Yes
339999_1 Artificial flower arrangements assembled from purchased components Yes
042293_0 Artificial flowers wholesaler Yes
023599_5 Artificial turf construction contractors Yes
312111_0 Artificially carbonated waters manufacturing Yes
071151_5 Artists - Home based business Yes
045112_6 Artists Supplies Stores Yes
054143_1 Artists or Illustrators, independent, commercial or graphic Yes
042299_6 Artists' supplies wholesaler Yes
042192_11 Arts and Crafts Supplies Distributors Yes
327999_1 Asbestos Products Yes
324122_0 Asphalt Felts and Coatings Yes
324121_0 Asphalt Paving Mixtures and Blocks Yes
023571_0 Asphalt seal coating construction contractor Yes
023552_2 Asphalt tile construction contractor Yes
023571_1 Asphalting of private driveways and parking areas construction contractor Yes
033431_25 Assembly Work & Packaging for Direct Consumer Distribution-Electronics ... Yes
003359_0 Assembly Work & Subassembly of Electronic Parts for another Manufacture... Yes
071132_1 Athletic Games Sponsored By The Insured Yes
045111_0 Athletic equipment and supply stores (including apparel) Yes
042234_0 Athletic footwear wholesaler Yes
042191_1 Athletic goods (ex apparel, footwear, non-specialty) wholesaler Yes
071394_5 Athletic or Personal Trainer Yes
044821_0 Athletic shoe (except bowling, golf, spiked) stores Yes
042191_2 Athletic uniforms wholesaler Yes
511199_0 Atlas publishers (ex exclusive Internet publishing) Yes
511199_1 Atlas publishers and printing combined Yes
032311_4 Atlases, Maps, Globe covers or Street guides lithographic Yes
335999_2 Atom smashers (i.e., particle accelerators) manufacturing Yes
339999_2 Atomizers (e.g., perfumes) manufacturing Yes
316991_3 Attache cases or briefcases, all materials, manufacturing Yes
335999_41 Attenuators Mfg Yes
054111_10 Attorney referral service Yes
054111_9 Attorney service bureau Yes
054111_0 Attorney, Barrister, Counselor at Law, Solicitor or Lawyer (firm, office or... Yes
011521_1 Auctioneers - Livestock - Conducted away from the insureds premises Yes
056149_0 Auctioneers - Sales conducted away from the insureds premises Yes
056149_1 Auctions - On Premises Owned or Rented by the Insured Yes
443112_8 Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies Store-Excluding Rental Yes
042169_42 Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies Distributor, Excluding Rental Yes
443112_1 Audio equipment or Stereo stores (ex automotive) Yes
042162_3 Audio or Stereo equipment, household-type wholesaler Yes
051224_0 Audio recording post-production services Yes
042199_2 Audio tapes, cassettes or discs, prerecorded wholesaler Yes
334515_3 Audiofrequency oscillators manufacturing Yes
062134_1 Audiologist office, clinic or center Yes
334515_4 Audiometers (except medical) manufacturing Yes
334613_0 Audiotape, blank, manufacturing Yes
081219_4 Audit Service (Non-Financial) Yes
071151_4 Author Yes
811121_2 Auto Body Shop Yes
811122_2 Auto Glass Installation/Repair-Mobile Yes
811121_0 Auto Painting & Pinstriping Yes
811111_0 Auto Repair & Maintenance Yes
081111_0 Auto Repair/Service Shops - Electrical Repair & Installation including ... Yes
811113_0 Auto Repair/Service Shops - Transmission Repair and Installation Yes
811111_2 Auto Repair/Service Shops - Tune-up and Emission Testing Yes
811118_1 Auto Repair/Service-Air Conditioning Service, Installation or Repair Yes
081119_2 Auto Rust Proofing Yes
811118_0 Auto Sound and Communications Equipment Repair and Installation Yes
053112_24 Auto Specialty Store-Lessors Risk Yes
042112_0 Auto body shop supplies wholesaler Yes
044131_0 Auto, Automobile or Automotive Parts and supply stores or dealers (inc acce... Yes
339111_0 Autoclaves, laboratory-type (except dental), manufacturing Yes
023595_0 Automated and revolving door construction contractors Yes
051421_8 Automated data processing services Yes
334512_0 Automatic Controls for Regulating Residential and Commercial Environments a... Yes
334516_7 Automatic chemical analyzers, laboratory-type, manufacturing Yes
004411_1 Automobile Dealership Yes
042112_24 Automobile Engine Testing Equipment, Electrical Wholesale Yes
081293_1 Automobile Parking Yes
811111_1 Automobile Repair or Service Shop - No Gas Sales Yes
042112_28 Automobile Service Station - Equipment Wholesale Yes
042112_27 Automobile Supplies Wholesale Yes
042112_1 Automobile accessories (except tires, tubes) wholesaler Yes
033422_26 Automobile antennas manufacturing Yes
081341_12 Automobile clubs (except road and travel services) Yes
042112_2 Automobile glass wholesaler Yes
033431_1 Automobile radio receivers manufacturing Yes
332618_7 Automobile skid chains made from purchased wire Yes
033639_0 Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts Manufacturing - Not Operating Parts Yes
423110_0 Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles Yes
042112_25 Automotive Air Conditioners Wholesale Yes
811112_0 Automotive Exhaust System Repair Shops Yes
042112_26 Automotive Stampings Wholesale Yes
336399_0 Automotive and Apparel Trimmings - Mfg Yes
044131_2 Automotive audio or stereo equipment stores (ie radio or electronics) Yes
334515_5 Automotive electrical engine diagnostic equipment manufacturing Yes
334519_6 Automotive emissions testing equipment manufacturing Yes
811122_0 Automotive glass work, installation or repair shops Yes
033511_0 Automotive light bulbs (inc. sealed beam) manufacturing Yes
033429_1 Automotive or Car theft alarm systems manufacturing Yes
811192_0 Automotive or car detailing services (i.e., cleaning, polishing) Yes
042112_3 Automotive parts, new wholesaler Yes
042162_4 Automotive radios wholesaler Yes
811192_1 Automotive washing and polishing Yes
453998_17 Awning and canvas goods, including installation Yes
023599_6 Awning construction contractors Yes
081149_18 Awning, tent or canvas goods repair Yes
042139_1 Awnings (except canvas) wholesaler Yes
042299_7 Awnings, canvas wholesaler Yes
332322_15 Awnings, sheet metal, manufacturing Yes
332212_1 Axes, Hatchets, Drawknives or Machetes, manufacturing Yes
044211_6 Baby Furniture Stores Yes
042233_0 Baby clothing wholesaler Yes
311422_0 Baby foods (including meats) canning Yes
311514_0 Baby formula, fresh, processed, and bottled, manufacturing Yes
333997_0 Baby scales manufacturing Yes
332913_1 Backflow preventors, plumbing, manufacturing Yes
812199_9 Background Checking/Screening Service Yes
621511_12 Bacteriological laboratories, diagnostic or medical Yes
322224_0 Bag Mfg - Uncoated Paper/Multiwall Yes
722213_10 Bagel Shops w/no baking - Retail Yes
722213_0 Bagel shops Yes
311812_0 Bagels made in commercial bakeries Yes
313249_19 Bags and bagging fabric made in warp knitting mills Yes
042212_37 Bags, Paper and Disposable Plastics Wholesale Yes
316991_0 Bags, athletic, manufacturing Yes
042299_8 Bags, textile wholesaler Yes
081299_5 Bail Bonds office Yes
042191_3 Bait, artificial wholesaler Yes
042299_3 Bait, live wholesaler Yes
445291_2 Baked Goods Stores Yes
311422_1 Baked beans canning Yes
311813_1 Baked goods (except bread, bread-type rolls), frozen, manufacturing Yes
044521_0 Baked ham stores Yes
311811_1 Bakeries - with deep fat frying Yes
042249_48 Bakeries with Cooking - Wholesale Yes
445291_1 Bakery - Baking with no delivery to other outlets Yes
445291_0 Bakery - No baking on premises Yes
042249_0 Bakery products (ex frozen) wholesaler Yes
311812_1 Bakery products, fresh (i.e., bread, cakes, donuts, pastries), made in comm... Yes
042242_0 Bakery products, frozen wholesaler Yes
445291_3 Bakery stores, retailing only (no immediate consumption) Yes
031199_1 Baking Powder Mfg Yes
031132_0 Baking chocolate made from cacao beans Yes
031133_0 Baking chocolate made from purchased chocolate Yes
333997_1 Balances (except laboratory-type) manufacturing Yes
042149_2 Balances and scales, laboratory wholesaler Yes
339111_1 Balances and scales, laboratory-type, manufacturing Yes
332323_2 Balcony railings, metal, manufacturing Yes
332618_8 Bale ties made from purchased wire Yes
339941_0 Ball point pens manufacturing Yes
071399_6 Balloon Art/Crafts Yes
045322_0 Balloon shops Yes
071113_0 Band Yes
042221_19 Bandages Wholesale Yes
042149_13 Bank Automatic Teller Machines Wholesale Yes
053112_0 Bank building rental or leasing (lessor risk) Yes
332323_3 Bank fixtures, ornamental metal, manufacturing Yes
081391_1 Bankers' associations Yes
611519_0 Banking schools (training in banking) Yes
052592_0 Bankruptcy estates Yes
052211_0 Banks & Other Financial Institutions Yes
332323_4 Bannisters, metal, manufacturing Yes
072232_0 Banquet halls with catering staff Yes
081392_2 Bar associations Yes
042142_21 Bar code scanning equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
311421_1 Barbecue sauce manufacturing Yes
331222_1 Barbed and twisted wire made in wire drawing plants Yes
332618_9 Barbed wire made from purchased wire Yes
611511_0 Barber colleges Yes
611511_5 Barber schools Yes
042185_0 Barber shop equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
812111_0 Barber shops or services, men's hair stylist services or shop Yes
332211_0 Barber's scissors, manufacturing Yes
332323_5 Barn stanchions and standards manufacturing Yes
334519_7 Barographs manufacturing Yes
339999_86 Barricades, Metal Mfg Yes
611519_5 Bartending schools Yes
042191_4 Baseball equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
042173_1 Baseboard heaters, electric, non-portable wholesaler Yes
332321_0 Baseboards, metal, manufacturing Yes
042299_9 Baskets wholesaler Yes
331222_2 Baskets, iron or steel, made in wire drawing plants Yes
332618_10 Baskets, metal, made from purchased wire Yes
044612_3 Bath & Body Products - Retail Yes
442299_0 Bath shops Yes
023543_5 Bathroom Fixtures Reglazing Contractor Yes
042122_0 Bathroom accessories wholesaler Yes
333997_2 Bathroom scales manufacturing Yes
023599_7 Bathtub refinishing construction contractors Yes
061169_1 Baton Instruction Schools Yes
042161_0 Batteries (ex automotive) wholesaler Yes
042112_4 Batteries, automotive wholesaler Yes
311822_0 Batters, prepared, made from purchased flour Yes
044131_1 Battery Stores Yes
335999_3 Battery chargers, solid-state, manufacturing Yes
334515_6 Battery testers, electrical, manufacturing Yes
071399_4 Beach Chairs and Umbrella's - Rented to Others Yes
339999_3 Beach umbrellas manufacturing Yes
332212_15 Bearing, Gear or Wheel pullers, handtools, manufacturing Yes
081211_0 Beauty Shop Independent Contractors Yes
812112_0 Beauty and barber shops, combined Yes
042185_1 Beauty parlor equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
812112_1 Beauty parlors, salons or shops, beautician services Yes
042221_0 Beauty preparations wholesaler Yes
611511_1 Beauty schools Yes
042221_1 Beauty supplies wholesaler Yes
044612_0 Beauty supply stores Yes
442299_11 Bed and Bath Shops Yes
721191_0 Bed and Breakfasts Yes
812331_2 Bed linen supply services Yes
337124_0 Beds (including cabinet and folding), metal household-type (except hospital... Yes
313249_1 Bedspreads and bed sets made in lEmployers mills Yes
313249_20 Bedspreads and bed sets made in warp knitting mills Yes
112112_0 Beef Cattle Feedlots Yes
112111_0 Beef Cattle, Except Feedlots Yes
513321_0 Beeper (i.e., radio pager) communication carriers Yes
332431_2 Beer cans manufacturing Yes
045399_1 Beer or Wine Making Supply Stores Yes
044531_2 Beer stores (packaged) Yes
042281_2 Beer wholesaler Yes
031212_2 Beer, Ale/Malt (Not Bottled/Canned) Yes
031212_1 Beer, Ale/Malt Liquor in Cans Yes
311313_0 Beet Sugar Yes
054172_1 Behavioral research and development services Yes
339999_87 Bellows, Hand Mfg Yes
335999_4 Bells, electric, manufacturing Yes
042231_1 Belt and buckle assembly kits wholesaler Yes
031599_2 Belts Mfg Yes
332618_11 Belts, conveyor or drying, made from purchased wire Yes
339111_2 Benches, laboratory-type, manufacturing Yes
052429_0 Benefit Consulting Services Yes
311421_2 Berries, canned, manufacturing Yes
042248_0 Berries, fresh wholesaler Yes
111334_0 Berry Crops Yes
335999_5 Betatrons manufacturing Yes
081391_2 Better business bureaus Yes
312111_9 Beverage Bottler - Soft Drinks - Not Carbonated - In Bottles/Cans Mfg Yes
044531_1 Beverage Store - Soft Drinks & Beer Yes
722213_8 Beverage Stores - No alcoholic beverages Yes
042249_49 Beverage bases wholesaler Yes
042249_50 Beverage concentrates wholesaler Yes
042174_0 Beverage coolers, mechanical wholesaler Yes
072233_0 Beverage stands, nonalcoholic, mobile Yes
042281_3 Beverages, alcoholic (ex distilled spirits, wine) wholesaler Yes
311514_1 Beverages, dietary, dairy and nondairy based Yes
312111_1 Beverages, fruit and vegetable drinks, cocktails, and ades, manufacturing Yes
312112_0 Beverages, naturally carbonated bottled water, manufacturing Yes
312111_2 Beverages, soft drink or soda pop (including artificially carbonated waters... Yes
611699_0 Bible schools (except degree granting) Yes
045111_1 Bicycle (except motorized) shops Yes
045331_3 Bicycle (except motorized) shops, used Yes
049221_1 Bicycle courier Yes
081149_6 Bicycle repair and maintenance shops without retailing new bicycles Yes
045111_2 Bicycle shops (inc repairs) Yes
042191_5 Bicycles (ex motorized) wholesaler Yes
071399_3 Bicycles - Rented to Others Yes
812199_3 Bill paying services Yes
054185_1 Billboard display advertising services Yes
033995_0 Billboards manufacturing Yes
316993_0 Billfolds, all materials, manufacturing Yes
042191_6 Billiard equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
045111_20 Billiard equipment and supply stores Yes
033992_0 Billiard or Pool Table Manufacturing Yes
339999_96 Billing Machines Mfg Yes
541219_2 Billing services (ex CPA) Yes
333313_1 Binding equipment (i.e., plastics or tape binding), office-type, manufactur... Yes
042231_2 Binding, textile wholesaler Yes
071329_0 Bingo parlors Yes
316991_1 Binocular cases manufacturing Yes
333314_0 Binoculars manufacturing Yes
042146_0 Binoculars wholesaler Yes
621498_0 Biofeedback centers and clinics, outpatient Yes
062134_28 Biofeedback therapist office, clinic or center Yes
621511_13 Biological laboratories, diagnostic Yes
044422_4 Bird feeders and houses Yes
045391_3 Birds Yes
311812_2 Biscuits, bread-type, made in commercial bakeries Yes
332212_53 Bits (Edge Tools for Woodworking) Mfg Yes
332212_2 Bits, edge tool, woodworking, manufacturing Yes
212112_0 Bituminous Coal Underground Mining Yes
212111_0 Bituminous Coal and Lignite SurfEmployers Mining Yes
011521_0 Blacksmith services Yes
023571_2 Blacktop, private driveways and parking areas, construction contractor Yes
042171_0 Blades (e.g., knife, saw) wholesaler Yes
332211_1 Blades, knife and razor, manufacturing Yes
334613_1 Blank tapes, audio and video, manufacturing Yes
042169_5 Blank tapes, audio and video, wholesaling Yes
042212_1 Blankbooks wholesaler Yes
323111_3 Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders and Devices Yes
442299_12 Blankets & Bedspreads - Retail Yes
042122_1 Blankets (ex electric) wholesaler Yes
042162_5 Blankets, electric wholesaler Yes
311411_0 Blast freezing on a contract basis Yes
033792_0 Blind & Shade Manufacturing Yes
042122_2 Blinds and shades, window wholesaler Yes
621511_14 Blood analysis laboratories Yes
334516_8 Blood bank process equipment manufacturing Yes
339111_3 Blood testing apparatus, laboratory-type, manufacturing Yes
332212_3 Blow torches manufacturing Yes
339999_63 Blowers and Fans Mfg Yes
054134_0 Blueprint drafting services or draftsmen's offices Yes
333315_1 Blueprint equipment manufacturing Yes
042142_2 Blueprinting equipment wholesaler Yes
561439_1 Blueprinting services Yes
072131_0 Boarding or Rooming Houses Yes
081391_3 Boards of trade Yes
336612_0 Boat Building and Repairing Yes
441222_8 Boat Engine Repair Yes
441222_9 Boat Maintenance Yes
044122_0 Boat and Marine Supplies Stores Yes
441222_0 Boat dealers, new and used Yes
441222_1 Boat trailer dealers Yes
812199_11 Body Piercing Yes
334513_4 Boiler controls, industrial, power, and marine-type, manufacturing Yes
042183_5 Boilers, Power: Industrial Wholesale Yes
332722_0 Bolts, metal, manufacturing Yes
327112_0 Bone china manufacturing Yes
339999_4 Bone novelties manufacturing Yes
045399_2 Bone, Horn and Ivory Products - Retail Only Yes
051113_2 Book (e.g., hardback, paperback, tape) publishers (ex exclusive Internet pu... Yes
339999_88 Book Ends, Metal Mfg Yes
323117_0 Book Printing - Mfg Yes
323117_1 Book Publishing Yes
045121_0 Book Stores - New and Used Books Yes
045411_0 Book clubs, not publishing, mail-order (including on-line) Yes
081341_13 Book discussion clubs Yes
051113_3 Book publishers and printing combined Yes
451211_0 Book stores (including religious) Yes
045331_4 Book stores, used Yes
042185_20 Bookbinding & Printers Supplies Distributor Yes
045321_3 Bookbinding and Printing Supplies - Retail only Yes
323121_0 Bookbinding shops or book binding services Yes
337214_0 Bookcases (except wood), office-type, manufacturing Yes
337124_1 Bookcases, metal household-type, manufacturing Yes
541219_3 Bookkeepers' office or private practice (ex CPA) or bookkeeping servic... Yes
042142_3 Bookkeeping machines wholesaler Yes
051412_1 Bookmobiles Yes
042292_1 Books wholesaler Yes
042212_2 Books, sales or receipt wholesaler Yes
081341_26 Booster clubs Yes
042185_2 Boot and shoe cut stock and findings wholesaler Yes
333298_1 Boot making and repairing machinery manufacturing Yes
042234_1 Boots (e.g., hiking, western, work) wholesaler Yes
071213_0 Botanical Gardens Yes
327213_0 Bottle and Jar Mfg. - glass Yes
332115_0 Bottle caps and tops, metal, stamping Yes
042249_51 Bottled water (ex water treating) wholesaler Yes
335121_0 Boudoir lamp fixtures manufacturing Yes
311423_0 Bouillon made in dehydration plants Yes
311422_2 Bouillon or Broth (except seafood) canning Yes
081299_6 Bounty Hunter Yes
071395_0 Bowling Lanes Yes
042191_7 Bowling equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
045111_3 Bowling equipment and supply stores Yes
042169_3 Boxes and Fittings, Electrical Wholesale Yes
339999_89 Boxes for Packing and Shipping, Metal Mfg Yes
042299_40 Boxes, Paperboard and Disposable Plastics Wholesale Yes
316991_2 Boxes, hat (except paper or paperboard), manufacturing Yes
081341_27 Boy guiding organizations Yes
332618_12 Brackets made from purchased wire Yes
042171_1 Brads wholesaler Yes
331222_3 Brads, iron or steel, wire or cut, made in wire drawing plants Yes
081119_1 Brake & Exhaust Shops Yes
052211_3 Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks Yes
339943_0 Branding irons (i.e., marking irons) manufacturing Yes
042282_1 Brandy and brandy spirits wholesaler Yes
031599_0 Bras, Girdles, and Allied Garments - Mfg Yes
042122_24 Brass Specialty wholesaler Yes
453998_15 Brass specialty store Yes
332323_6 Brasswork, ornamental, manufacturing Yes
311822_1 Bread and bread-type roll mixes made from purchased flour Yes
311812_3 Bread and bread-type rolls made in commercial bakeries Yes
031199_0 Breakfast Bars Mfg Yes
003119_0 Breakfast Food Mfg Yes
042249_1 Breakfast cereals wholesaler Yes
042249_2 Brewers' yeast wholesaler Yes
327121_0 Brick and Structural Clay Tile Yes
023541_0 Bricklaying construction contractor Yes
042132_0 Bricks (ex refractory) wholesaler Yes
315233_0 Bridal dresses or gowns, custom made Yes
044819_1 Bridal gown shops (except custom) Yes
053222_0 Bridal wear rental Yes
611699_3 Bridge and other card game instruction Yes
237310_0 Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway Construction Yes
334515_7 Bridges, electrical (e.g., Kelvin, megohm, vacuum tube, Wheatstone), manufa... Yes
311421_3 Brining of fruits and vegetables Yes
033422_27 Broadcast equipment (including studio), for radio and television, manufactu... Yes
054191_0 Broadcast media rating services Yes
042169_6 Broadcasting equipment wholesaling Yes
611519_6 Broadcasting schools Yes
031321_0 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton Yes
031321_1 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade Fiber and Silk Yes
031321_2 Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (Including Dyeing and Finishing) Yes
011232_0 Broiler, Fryer, and Roaster Chickens Yes
339994_0 Brooms and Brushes Mfg Yes
042122_3 Brooms and brushes, household-type wholesaler Yes
339993_0 Buckles and buckle parts (including shoe) manufacturing Yes
053112_48 Building - Cultural Occupants - Lessors Risk Yes
053112_49 Building - Educational Occupants - Lessors Risk Yes
053112_51 Building - Post Office - Lessors Risk Yes
053112_52 Building - Religious Occupants - Lessors Risk Yes
053112_53 Building - Social Service and Other Occupants - Lessors Risk Yes
053112_50 Building - Up to 25% Other than Office Yes
053112_54 Building - Wholesale - Condominium Ownership Yes
042139_16 Building Material Distributors - Wholesale Yes
053112_39 Building Owner - Government Building Yes
053112_37 Building Owner - Lessors Risk Only - Food Processors Occupancy Yes
053112_36 Building Owner - Lessors Risk Only - Restaurant Occupancy Yes
053112_35 Building Owner - Lessors Risk Only - Shopping Centers 10 or more Stores Yes
053112_46 Building Owner - Lessors Risk Only - Shopping Centers Less Than 10 Stores Yes
042132_1 Building blocks (e.g., cinder, concrete) wholesaler Yes
056172_0 Building cleaning services, interior or janitorial, business office only Yes
054135_0 Building inspection bureaus or services Yes
044419_0 Building materials supply dealers Yes
042139_2 Building paper wholesaler Yes
053111_3 Building, apartment, rental or leasing Yes
053111_4 Building, residential, rental or leasing Yes
042139_3 Buildings, prefabricated non-wood wholesaler Yes
333313_2 Bundling machinery (e.g., box strapping, mail, newspaper) manufacturing Yes
339111_4 Bunsen burners manufacturing Yes
334513_5 Buoyancy instruments, industrial process-type, manufacturing Yes
033429_2 Burglar alarm systems and equipment manufacturing Yes
042185_3 Burial caskets wholesaler Yes
042185_17 Burial vaults wholesaler Yes
042299_10 Burlap wholesaler Yes
042161_29 Bus Bars and Trolley Ducts Wholesale Yes
048551_1 Bus Charter Service, Except Local Yes
054185_2 Bus card or display advertising services Yes
611519_7 Bus driver training Yes
561599_5 Bus ticket offices Yes
081391_4 Business associations Yes
081341_21 Business clubs Yes
032311_5 Business forms (except manifold) lithographic Yes
042142_4 Business machines and equipment (ex computers) wholesaler Yes
541611_1 Business management consulting services Yes
056111_1 Business management services Yes
054172_2 Business research and development services Yes
061141_0 Business schools not offering academic degrees Yes
561439_0 Business service centers (ex private mail centers) Yes
541611_2 Business start-up consulting services Yes
044521_1 Butcher shops Yes
332211_2 Butcher's knives manufacturing Yes
042243_0 Butter wholesaler Yes
311512_1 Butter, creamery and whey, manufacturing Yes
311511_1 Buttermilk manufacturing Yes
333298_2 Buttonhole and eyelet machinery manufacturing Yes
339993_1 Buttons (except precious metal, precious stones, semiprecious stones) manuf... Yes
332212_4 C-clamps manufacturing Yes
541512_0 CAD (computer-aided design) systems integration design services Yes
541512_1 CAE (computer-aided engineering) systems integration design services Yes
541512_2 CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) systems integration design services Yes
621512_0 CAT (computerized axial tomography) scanner centers Yes
033422_2 CB (citizens band) radios manufacturing Yes
045122_2 CD's, Tapes and Sheet Music Stores Yes
334112_0 CD-ROM drives manufacturing Yes
611699_5 CPR (cardiac pulmonary resusitation) training and certification Yes
621512_1 CT-SCAN (computer tomography) centers Yes
033999_5 Cabinet Hardware, Including Locks and Lock Sets Mfg Yes
023551_9 Cabinet installation on site contractor (pre-fabricated) Yes
023551_11 Cabinet making - shop only Yes
044419_1 Cabinet stores, kitchen (except custom), to be installed Yes
337214_1 Cabinets (except wood), office-type, freestanding, manufacturing Yes
042121_0 Cabinets, kitchen, free standing wholesaler Yes
337124_2 Cabinets, metal (i.e., bathroom, kitchen) (except freestanding), manufactur... Yes
337124_3 Cabinets, metal household-type, freestanding, manufacturing Yes
337124_4 Cabinets, metal, radio and television, manufacturing Yes
042161_30 Cable Conduit Wholesale Yes
051322_1 Cable TV providers (except networks) Yes
023531_11 Cable TV, Satellite Dish and Telephone Installation Yes
033422_28 Cable decoders manufacturing Yes
051322_0 Cable program distribution operators Yes
033422_0 Cable television transmission and receiving equipment manufacturing Yes
331222_4 Cable, iron or steel, insulated or armored, made in wire drawing plants Yes
332618_13 Cable, noninsulated wire, made from purchased wire Yes
332618_14 Cages made from purchased wire Yes
023593_0 Caisson contractors, building construction Yes
453998_16 Cake decorating equipment and supplies Yes
311822_2 Cake mixes made from purchased flour Yes
311813_2 Cake, frozen, manufacturing Yes
311812_4 Cakes, baking (except frozen), made in commercial bakeries Yes
042142_5 Calculators and calculating machines wholesaler Yes
333313_3 Calculators manufacturing Yes
453998_5 Calendar shops Yes
032311_6 Calendars lithographic Yes
054143_7 Calligraphers Yes
033431_2 Camcorders manufacturing Yes
316991_4 Camera carrying bags, all materials, manufacturing Yes
042141_0 Camera equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
333314_1 Camera lenses manufacturing Yes
811211_6 Camera repair shops (w/o retailing new) Yes
044313_0 Camera shops or photographic supply stores Yes
333315_2 Cameras (except digital, television, video) manufacturing Yes
033422_1 Cameras, television, manufacturing Yes
337124_5 Camp furniture, metal, manufacturing Yes
044121_1 Camper or Travel Trailer Sales Agencies Yes
042191_8 Camping equipment and supplies wholesaler Yes
045111_4 Camping equipment stores Yes
332618_15 Can keys made from purchased wire Yes
332431_3 Can lids and ends, metal, manufacturing Yes
332212_5 Can openers (except electric) manufacturing Yes
333313_4 Canceling machinery, postal office-type, manufacturing Yes
311421_26 Candied Fruit Mfg Yes
453998_6 Candle shops (including soaps and potpourri) Yes
453998_21 Candles and Country Crafts Kiosk Yes
339999_5 Candles manufacturing Yes
042299_11 Candles wholesaler Yes
311999_0 Candy Products Yes
031132_1 Candy bars, chocolate (including chocolate covered), made from cacao beans Yes
031133_11 Candy or Confectionery Products Manufacturing Yes
042245_0 Candy or confectionery wholesaler Yes
031133_1 Candy stores, chocolate, candy made on premises not for immediate consumpti... Yes
445292_1 Candy stores, retailing only (packaged, no on premises preparation) Yes
031132_2 Candy, chocolate, made from cacao beans Yes
311312_0 Cane Sugar Refining Yes
042249_3 Cane sugar, refined wholesaler Yes
339999_6 Canes (except orthopedic) manufacturing Yes
311421_27 Canned Bean Sprouts Mfg Yes
031199_4 Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods - Mfg Yes
042249_4 Canned foods (e.g., fish, meat, seafood, soups) wholesaler Yes
311911_0 Canned nuts manufacturing Yes
311421_8 Canning of fruits and vegetables manufacturing Yes
532292_0 Canoe Rental Yes
332322_16 Canopies, sheet metal, manufacturing Yes
072233_1 Canteens, mobile Yes
314912_0 Canvas Goods Mfg - NOC Yes
314999_3 Canvas Sail Mfg Yes
042299_12 Canvas products wholesaler Yes
335999_6 Capacitors (except electronic), fixed and variable, manufacturing Yes
042169_43 Capacitors, Except Electronic Wholesale Yes
042169_7 Capacitors, electronic, wholesaling Yes
023581_0 Capping of water wells construction contractors Yes
485999_1 Car pool operation Yes
033431_3 Car stereos manufacturing Yes
811192_3 Car wash Yes
325182_0 Carbon Black Yes
033994_0 Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons Yes
335991_0 Carbon and Graphite Products Yes
033429_3 Carbon monoxide detectors manufacturing Yes
042169_8 Carbon monoxide detectors, electronic, wholesaling Yes
312111_3 Carbonated soda or soft drinks manufacturing Yes
033631_0 Carburetors, Pistons, Piston Rings, and Valves Yes
316993_1 Card cases (except metal) manufacturing Yes
337124_6 Card table sets, metal, manufacturing Yes
042213_2 Cardboard and Supplies Wholesale Yes
621111_2 Cardiologist office, clinic or center (ex mental health) Yes
053112_45 Caregivers (Non-Medical) Yes
071119_0 Carnival Or Circus Yes
332212_6 Carpenter's handtools, nonelectric (e.g. awls, chisels, gouges, levels... Yes
023551_1 Carpentry (rough and framing) construction contractor Yes
023551_2 Carpentry (trim and finish) construction contractor Yes
023551_12 Carpentry - Interior - Office Only Yes
023321_1 Carpentry - Residential Less than 3 Stories Yes
023551_10 Carpentry - Shop only Yes
023552_1 Carpet & Rug Installation - Incidental to Floor Covering Store Yes
023552_3 Carpet laying or removal construction contractor Yes
056174_0 Carpet or Rug cleaning on customers' premises Yes
056174_1 Carpet or Rug cleaning plants, shops or services Yes
044221_0 Carpet stores Yes
042122_4 Carpet wholesaler Yes
056174_6 Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning - Shop Only Yes
339999_60 Carpets and Rugs - Mfg Yes
033421_0 Carrier equipment (i.e., analog, digital), telephone, manufacturing Yes
054137_2 Cartographic surveying (ex geophysical) services Yes
042212_3 Cartridge toner wholesaler Yes
332211_3 Carving sets manufacturing Yes
042185_19 Carwash Equipment and Supplies Wholesale Yes
311514_2 Casein, dry and wet, manufacturing Yes
332321_1 Casements, metal, manufacturing Yes
316993_2 Cases, jewelry (except metal), manufacturing Yes
011119_0 Cash Grains, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
053242_0 Cash register rental or leasing Yes
333313_5 Cash registers (i.e., point of sales terminals) manufacturing Yes
042142_6 Cash registers wholesaler Yes
332322_17 Casings, sheet metal, manufacturing Yes
071321_0 Casinos Yes
081222_4 Casket or Coffin Sales Yes
045411_1 Catalog (i.e., order taking) offices of mail-order houses (including on-lin... Yes
045411_11 Catalog Sales Stores Yes
045299_2 Catalog showrooms, general merchandise (ex catalog mail-order) Yes
032311_7 Catalogs or catalogs of collections, lithographic Yes
072232_1 Catering services, social Yes
335999_7 Cathodic protection equipment manufacturing Yes
311421_4 Catsup (Ketchup) manufacturing Yes
332212_7 Caulking guns, nonpowered, manufacturing Yes
023542_11 Ceiling Acoustical Installation with Office only Yes
023542_1 Ceiling construction contractor Yes
044419_15 Ceiling fan stores Yes
335122_0 Ceiling lighting fixtures, commercial, industrial, and institutional, manuf... Yes
335121_1 Ceiling lighting fixtures, residential, manufacturing Yes
023561_1 Ceiling metal construction contractors Yes
334519_8 Ceilometers manufacturing Yes
042212_4 Cellophane tape wholesaler Yes
443112_0 Cellular Phone & Communication Equipment Installation & Repair Yes
513322_0 Cellular or mobile telephone services or communication carriers Yes
033422_3 Cellular telephones manufacturing Yes
042169_9 Cellular telephones wholesaling Yes
032522_0 Cellulosic Manmade Fibers Yes
032731_0 Cement Manufacturing Yes
333298_3 Cement kilns manufacturing Yes
042132_2 Cement wholesaler Yes
081222_6 Cemeteries, Crematories or Memorial gardens (i.e. burial plEmployerss) (Ex ... Yes
081222_2 Cemetery associations (i.e., operators) Yes
081222_0 Cemetery management services Yes
453998_7 Cemetery memorial dealers (headstones, markers, vaults) Yes
056173_0 Cemetery plot care services Yes
051412_2 Centers for documentation (i.e., archives) Yes
522298_0 Central Reserve Depository Institutions, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
042173_2 Central heating equipment, warm-air wholesaler Yes
033421_1 Central office and switching equipment, telephone, manufacturing Yes
023552_0 Ceramic Floor Tile Installation with Office Only Yes
042132_3 Ceramic construction materials (ex refractory) wholesaler Yes
327122_0 Ceramic or Clay Wall and Floor Tile Mfg Yes
044419_2 Ceramic tile stores Yes
044229_1 Ceramics Sales Yes
042199_1 Ceramics and Pottery Wholesaler Yes
061161_3 Ceramics instruction Yes
042249_5 Cereal products wholesaler Yes
541211_1 Certified accountants' office or private practice, or accounting servi... Yes
052393_0 Certified financial planner Yes
332323_7 Chain ladders, metal, manufacturing Yes
332618_16 Chain link fencing and fence gates made from purchased wire Yes
331222_5 Chain link fencing, iron or steel, made in wire drawing plants Yes
332618_17 Chain made from purchased wire Yes
332213_1 Chain saw blades manufacturing Yes
332618_18 Chain, welded, made from purchased wire Yes
337214_2 Chairs (except wood), office-type, manufacturing Yes
532299_8 Chairs - Rented to Others Yes
337124_7 Chairs, metal household-type (except upholstered), manufacturing Yes
081391_5 Chambers of commerce Yes
042299_13 Chamois, leather wholesaler Yes
335122_1 Chandeliers, commercial, industrial, and institutional electric, manufactur... Yes
335121_2 Chandeliers, residential, manufacturing Yes
333311_0 Change making machines manufacturing Yes
332323_8 Channels, furring metal, manufacturing Yes
042299_14 Charcoal wholesaler Yes
052592_6 Charitable Foundations Yes
611699_4 Charm schools Yes
611519_8 Chauffeur training Yes
052239_0 Check Cashing Agency Yes
042142_7 Check handling machines wholesaler Yes
333313_6 Check writing machines manufacturing Yes
316993_3 Checkbook covers, (except metal), manufacturing Yes
081219_2 Checkroom, Shoeshine or Toilet Concessionaires Yes
311513_0 Cheese (except cottage cheese) manufacturing Yes
311513_1 Cheese analogs manufacturing Yes
311941_0 Cheese based salad dressing manufacturing Yes
042245_1 Cheese confections (e.g., curls, puffs) wholesaler Yes
311513_2 Cheese products, imitation or substitute, manufacturing Yes
445299_2 Cheese shops Yes
311513_3 Cheese spreads manufacturing Yes
042243_1 Cheese wholesaler Yes
311513_4 Cheese, imitation or substitute, manufacturing Yes
311513_5 Cheese, natural (except cottage cheese), manufacturing Yes
311813_0 Cheesecake Mfg Yes
212393_0 Chemical and Fertilizer Mineral Mining, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
333298_4 Chemical kilns manufacturing Yes
333298_5 Chemical processing machinery and equipment manufacturing Yes
327112_1 Chemical stoneware (i.e., pottery products) manufacturing Yes
424690_0 Chemicals and Allied Products, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
032599_0 Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
339999_68 Chests, Fire or Burglary Resistive - Metal Mfg Yes
031191_1 Chewing Gum Manufacturing Yes
003122_0 Chewing and Smoking Tobacco Yes
042245_2 Chewing gum wholesaler Yes
011231_0 Chicken Eggs Yes
042244_0 Chicken and chicken products (ex packaged frozen) wholesaler Yes
332618_19 Chicken netting made from purchased wire Yes
062441_0 Child Day Care Services - Not in Private Residence or Home Yes
062441_1 Child Day Care Services or Babysitting Services - In Home
044813_0 Children's and infants' or baby clothing or apparel stores or sho... Yes
042233_1 Children's clothing wholesaler Yes
311942_1 Chili Pepper or Powder Mfg Yes
311422_3 Chili con carne canning Yes
311421_5 Chili sauce manufacturing Yes
335999_8 Chimes, electric, manufacturing Yes
023541_14 Chimney Construction and Maintenance with Office Only Yes
056179_3 Chimney sweep or cleaning services Yes
327112_32 China Plumbing and Bathroom Fixtures Yes
327112_2 China cooking ware manufacturing Yes
081149_7 China repair services Yes
327112_3 China tableware, vitreous, manufacturing Yes
442299_1 Chinaware stores Yes
042144_0 Chinaware, commercial wholesaler Yes
042122_5 Chinaware, household-type wholesaler Yes
311422_4 Chinese foods canning Yes
333298_6 Chip plEmployersment machinery manufacturing Yes
042245_3 Chips (e.g., corn, potato) wholesaler Yes
031133_2 Chocolate (coating, instant, liquor, syrups) made from purchased chocolate Yes
031132_3 Chocolate (e.g., coatings, instant, liquor, syrups) made from cacao beans Yes
042249_6 Chocolate (ex candy) wholesaler Yes
042245_4 Chocolate candy wholesaler Yes
031133_3 Chocolate covered candy bars made from purchased chocolate Yes
031133_4 Chocolate covered granola bars made from purchased chocolate Yes
311511_2 Chocolate drink (milk based) manufacturing Yes
311511_3 Chocolate milk manufacturing Yes
031132_4 Chocolate, confectionery, made from cacao beans Yes
311412_0 Chop suey, frozen, manufacturing Yes
311412_1 Chow mein, frozen, manufacturing Yes
042299_15 Christmas ornaments wholesaler Yes
335129_2 Christmas tree lighting sets or ornaments, electric, manufacturing Yes
339999_7 Christmas tree ornaments (except electric, glass) manufacturing Yes
042299_16 Christmas trees (e.g., artificial, cut) wholesaler Yes
339999_8 Christmas trees, artificial, manufacturing Yes
334516_9 Chromatographic instruments, laboratory-type, manufacturing Yes
334513_6 Chromatographs, industrial process-type, manufacturing Yes
334518_2 Chronographs manufacturing Yes
334518_3 Chronometers manufacturing Yes
334516_10 Chronoscopes manufacturing Yes
081311_1 Churches Yes
311941_1 Cider, nonalcoholic, manufacturing Yes
316993_4 Cigar or cigarette cases, tobacco pouches (except metal) manufacturing Yes
453991_0 Cigar stores Yes
339999_9 Cigarette holders manufacturing Yes
339999_10 Cigarette lighter flints manufacturing Yes
339999_11 Cigarette lighters (except precious metal) manufacturing Yes
333298_7 Cigarette making machinery manufacturing Yes
333311_1 Cigarette vending machines manufacturing Yes
312221_0 Cigarettes - Mfg Yes
312229_0 Cigars Yes
512131_0 Cinemas, Motion picture or Movie theaters, indoors (ex drive-in) Yes
333298_8 Circuit board making machinery manufacturing Yes
042169_10 Circuit boards wholesaling Yes
042161_1 Circuit breakers wholesaler Yes
334515_8 Circuit testers manufacturing Yes
051412_3 Circulating libraries Yes
011132_0 Citrus Fruits Yes
311411_1 Citrus pulp, frozen, manufacturing Yes
081341_42 Civic Clubs (Kiwani's, Lions, Rotary) Alcohol Served on the Premises Yes
081341_28 Civic associations Yes
081341_14 Classic car clubs Yes
061169_4 Classroom Instructor Yes
032712_0 Clay Refractories Yes
042132_4 Clay construction materials (ex refractory) wholesaler Yes
212325_0 Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals, Not Elsewhere Classified Yes
333298_9 Clayworking and tempering machinery manufacturing Yes
081232_0 Cleaners, drycleaning and laundry service (ex coin-operated) Yes
081232_10 Cleaning and dyeing plants (ex rug cleaning) Yes
023599_8 Cleaning building exteriors construction contractors Yes
335999_9 Cleaning equipment, ultrasonic (except dental, medical), manufacturing Yes
023599_9 Cleaning new buildings after construction contractors Yes
332211_4 Cleavers manufacturing Yes
621111_3 Clinical pathologist office, clinic or center (ex mental health) Yes
062133_0 Clinical psychologist (ex MD or DO) office, clinic or center Yes
621498_1 Clinics/centers of health practitioners with multi-industry degrees Yes
332211_5 Clippers, fingernail and toenail, manufacturing Yes
334518_24 Clock Radio and Telephone Combinations Mfg Yes
334518_4 Clock materials and parts (except crystals) manufacturing Yes
334518_5 Clock or watch springs, precision, made from purchased wire Yes
033431_4 Clock radios manufacturing Yes
081149_3 Clock repair Yes
044831_0 Clock shops Yes
334518_6 Clocks assembling Yes
334518_7 Clocks assembling from purchased components Yes
042194_0 Clocks wholesaler Yes
561492_0 Closed captioning services, real-time (i.e., simultaneous) Yes
051322_2 Closed circuit television (CCTV) Yes
033422_4 Closed circuit television equipment manufacturing Yes
042122_25 Closet and closet accessories wholesaler Yes
332115_1 Closures, metal, stamping Yes
332618_20 Cloth, woven wire, made from purchased wire Yes
811412_3 Clothes dryer, household-type, repair and maintenance (w/o retailing new) Yes
042299_17 Clothes hangers wholesaler Yes
045113_5 Clothing - Millinery and Trimmings Yes
031599_3 Clothing Manufacturing - Apparel and Accessories NOC Yes
315211_0 Clothing Manufacturing - no children's wear Yes
042233_2 Clothing accessories, women's, children's, and infants' whol... Yes
044815_2 Clothing or apparel accessories or furnishings stores, women's and gir... Yes
053222_1 Clothing rental (except industrial launderer, linen supply) Yes
045331_5 Clothing stores, used Yes
042232_0 Clothing, men's and boys' wholesaler Yes
042233_3 Clothing, women's, children's, and infants' wholesaler Yes
071151_0 Clowns, Magicians, Entertainers (Not Bands) Yes
071391_1 Clubs - Country or Golf Yes
071394_1 Clubs - Racquet Sports & Handball Yes
081341_46 Clubs-Political Yes
812199_8 Coaching Services Yes
213113_0 Coal Mining Services Yes
423520_0 Coal and Other Minerals and Ores Yes
332322_18 Coal chutes, sheet metal, manufacturing Yes
812331_3 Coat (e.g., barber's, beautician's, doctor's, nurse's) ... Yes
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